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Drivers minimum age : 21 years old and to have a valid driver license for 2 years

Minimum period of car renting:  1 day (24 hour)

Taxes: All prices include 20% VAT

Additional driver: is not charged

Deposits:  Deposit are needed and given in price list. No cash deposit required for credit card holders (VISA , MASTER , DINERS and DINA)

Unlimited mileage: if renter use car only for three days mileage is limited on 150 km daily, and for using a car more the three days renter has unlimited mileage

Fuel: is to be paid by renter. If renter returns car with less fuel from the amount supplied, for missing fuel will be charged according to valid fuel prices at the petrol stations

Traffic violation: traffic violation ticket are to be paid by renter

Collision damage waiver (CDW): Renter can be insured in case of damage by paying 4€ per day, otherwise he pays 10% of the damage. CDW does not apply to the cases defined in Rent-a-car Agreement (damage caused on purpose or because of negligence, driving under influence of alcohol or drugs. Not reporting the damage to police…) Damage on the tires, wheel or under the vehicle are not covered with the insurance and renter is obliged to make up 100% of the total damage to the agency

Theft protection: In case of car theft , renter is responsible for 10% of car value. It is possible to have theft protection by paying 4€ per day. This means that renter is not liable for any damage to rental vehicle if it gets stolen. Theft protection doesn’t apply to any personal stuff left in the vehicle. Renter must report this to the Police station and official police report is necessary, together with car documents and original car keys, otherwise this protection is not valid

Night delivery/ collection: (20:00 to 08:00 hours) is charged 20 €. Delivery / collection on Sundays and holidays is charged 20 € per delivery / collection

Crossing the border: It is allowed to travel outside Serbia with written permission of our agency

Using a vehicle: During the period of using a rent-a-car, renter should take good care of the car and in the case of problem immediately notify to the agency. It is not allowed any kind of off road driving, racing, rally driving, towing other vehicles, lending the car to others and making any changes on car. In case renter returns car dirty, extra washing will be charged

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